Thunder ADC

Premium Next-generation Application Delivery Controller

A10 Networks® Thunder® ADC product line of high-performance, next-generation application delivery controllers enable customers’ applications to be highly available, accelerated and secure. Thunder ADC is a premium ADC product line, delivering up to 153 Gbps of throughput in a single appliance or 1.2 Tbps of throughput in a cluster, the broadest range of form factors (physical, virtual and hybrid), and with expanded system resources designed to support future feature needs.


  • Advanced Layer 4/Layer 7 Server Load Balancing
  • HTTP Acceleration and Optimization
  • SSL Acceleration
  • IPv6 Migration/IPv4 Preservation
    • SLB-PT (Protocol Translation), SLB-64 (IPv4<–>IPv6, IPv6<–>IPv4)
    • Carrier Grade NAT (CGN/CGNAT), Large Scale NAT (LSN), NAT444, NAT44, NAT46
    • NAT64/DNS64, DS-Lite, 6rd, LW4o6
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • DNS Application Firewall (DAF)
  • Next-generation DDoS protection for servers and CGNAT pools
  • Application Access Management (AAM)

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