From administrative passwords to financial statements and top-secret design files, a vast array of highly-sensitive information becomes easy to protect, manage and share with Cyber-Ark Software's suite of award-winning and ICSA-verified solutions

  • The Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

  • • Suite is a full life-cycle solution for securing, managing, automatically changing and monitoring all activities associated with Privileged Accounts.
  • Privileged Session Management (PSM) Suite

  • • Isolate, control and record any privileged session on your servers, databases or virtual environments with an integrated solution.


  • • Security, Management and Compliance Solutions


  • Cyber-Ark's Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

  • • Control access to privileged accounts based on pre-defined security policies
  • • Manage application and service credentials
  • • rant granular control to the commands superusers can run
  • • Comply with audit and regulatory requirements
  • • Streamline policy management of privileged accounts
  • • Seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems
  • Cyber-Ark's Privileged Session Management Suite

  • • Control privileged sessions
  • • Isolate & protect critical IT assets from potential endpoint malware and avoid exposing privileged credentials
  • • Perform root-cause analysis for rapid remediation and change management review
  • • Real-time monitoring of privileged sessions for full visibility
  • • Intervene with a privileged session and terminate it if need be
  • • Extend privileged access control to sensitive web applications such as Salesforce, the Corporate
  • • Facebook account or any web-based ERP/CRM application
  • Cyber-Ark's Sensitive Information Management Suite

  • • Create a secure network for sharing of C-level documents, vital financial information, or confidential business planning documents.