Web Application Security


DenyAll Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Web Services Firewalls (WSF) secure all applications that are accessible via a web browser or mobile app. Large accounts and SMEs alike use them to secure corporate and transactional web sites (e-Banking,
e-Commerce, e-Government, e-Support), webmail and collaborative tools (SharePoint, enterprise social networks), critical databases and corporate applications (ERP, HT, Finance, etc), as well as Service Oriented Applications. With DenyAll WAF and WSF, you can reduce the risk of vandalism, denial of service, intrusion and theft, and minimize their impact on the revenue and reputation of your organization.



  • Reverse proxy
    • Analysis of http/https requests to web servers and only transmit to your servers those that are non-malicious.
    • The protocol break makes it possible to block attacks that target the vulnerabilities of your internal servers, hides them from the outside.
  • In-depth inspection: canonization (normalization of transferred data), anti-evasion and anomaly detection techniques.
  • Blacklist: over a 1000 filters protect against the various types of known application attacks (cross-site scripting, SQL injection, etc.).
  • Scoring list: determines the potential hazardousness of incoming connections by analyzing the content of requests and applying a weighting system. Protects against unknown (0-day) attacks.
  • User Behavior Tracking: stops automated attacks (denial of service, password cracking, site downloading, etc).
  • Application acceleration: caching, compression, and server load balancing
  • Validation of XML templates
  • Specific filters for attacks that target Web Services
  • Protection of UDDI servers
  • High availability: active-passive or active-active modes

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