Secward TotalFileGuard

Controlling access to your files isn’t really the most effective way to prevent loss or exposure of sensitive data. Sooner or later, your valuable files will find their way out of the corporate network – either by accidental disclosure by an insider or a targeted hacker attack. And when sensitive data gets out, your business could face some serious losses – financial loss, customer confidence, competitive advantage, and legal liability.


Now there’s a way to protect your confidential, proprietary, and sensitive data wherever it goes – even if it falls into the hands of the bad guys. Secward TotalFileGuard (TFG) protects you from the risks of losing or exposing data that matters most to your business. TotalFileGuard encrypts your critical data at the kernel level using the fastest, most advanced encryption algorithm available today. TotalFileGuard enforces application-based protection to ensure that your sensitive data remains secure at all times, regardless of who has access to your files. It also supports compliance and security policies by monitoring user actions on protected files.


Protects documents instantly and automatically as they are created, saved, edited, or renamed. Provides persistent protection for your sensitive data wherever it goes (at rest or in transit), regardless of the transmission media (email, instant messaging, FTP, USB key) or intended recipients (authorized or unauthorized).


Protects files based on application types – a straightforward method that eliminates guesswork and prevents false positives common in other data loss prevention products that use ‘learning technologies’.

Uses AES 256 to protect your sensitive data, one of the most advanced encryption algorithms available today. AES 256 is certified according to several international security standards and is the same encryption algorithm that protects US government documents. Supports RC4 and RC5 algorithms. Supports implementation of custom encryption algorithms through a simple application protocol interface (API). Generate different agent packages and deploy them easily via email, network share, and even Active Directory. Assign different privileges and protect different applications per agent. Grant and revoke privileges of a single or multiple users, whether roaming or stationary, anytime from a central location. Protects files that can be created, viewed, or edited by the most common applications. Supports Microsoft Office, computer aided design (CAD), and programming applications.

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