Network Protection

RED: Secure VPN Solution

If you have branch offices, retail locations, remote outposts or otherwise need to extend your secure network easily and affordably beyond your main facility, Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices are the ideal solution.

RED is Sophos Secure VPN solution that turns any location into a secure location. It requires no technical skills at the remote site; simply enter the RED device ID into your UTM and ship it. As soon as it’s plugged in and connected to the Internet, it will contact your UTM and establish a secure dedicated VPN tunnel.


  • Easily extend your secure network anywhere
  • Completely configuration free
  • Flexible deployment options
  • The strongest AES-256 bit encryption
  • Work seamlessly with Sophos Wireless Access Points
  • Apply the same protection to all locations or customize it to meet your needs
  • Optionally, 3G/UMTS connection to act as a WAN failover
  • Easy maintenance with no licenses and automated updates


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