Network Protection

Secure Mail Gateway

Secure your email from spam, phishing and data loss

Sophos’s purpose-built secure email gateway is an all-in-one solution for email encryption, DLP, anti-spam and threat protection. It provides advanced protection from today’s sophisticated phishing attacks and gives you full control over data leaving your organization via email.



  • Advanced multi-layer spam detection
  • Reputation filtering blocks 90% of spam at the gateway, before it consumes any of your network resources
  • An anti-spam engine catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks
  • Detect the latest phishing scams
  • Support for SPF and DKIM anti-spoofing
  • Block unwanted content using MIME type and extension filters.
  • Easily create DLP policies
  • Utilize hundreds of built-in sensitive data types
  • Encrypt and digitally sign your sensitive email—automatically and transparently.
  • Unique SPX Encryption is easy and transparent
    • No clumsy and expensive key management or additional software required
    • Allows users to view their encrypted email anywhere: email client, webmail or on mobile device
  • Complete on-box reporting
  • Deploy hardware or VMware-Ready appliances


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