Enduser Protection

SafeGuard Encryption



Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise makes it simple for you to manage your security policies and data protection effectively across your organization. You’ll be ready to comply with data privacy laws and keep the wrong people from seeing your organization’s confidential information.



  • Ensures productivity by securing sensitive data wherever it is stored: laptops, USB devices, network shares or even in the cloud, with minimal impact on performance
  • Makes regulatory compliance easier with policy enforcement and reporting
  • Single console to manage full-disk encryption, removable media encryption, file-share encryption and cloud-storage encryption
  • Provides key management that lets authorized users share data securely and easily
  • Manages all devices in the organization from one place, including hard disks encrypted
  • with BitLocker or FileVault 2 and Opal self-encrypting drives
  • Automatically and transparently encrypts files on removable media such as USB sticks, memory cards and CDs/DVDs.
  • Using a portable application and password, easily and securely share encrypted removable media with users not using SafeGuard Enterprise
  • Proven encryption technology certified by organizations across the world (FIPS, CC EAL4 and more)
  • Manage devices and data in the single Management Center
  • Flexible recovery options for keys, data and forgotten passwords
  • Uses Active Directory to import user/device information, synchronize and schedule tasks


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